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I animated this video for the japanese company Social Design Works for their service SocialSquare, which helps people with disabilities to be inserted in society. It was done via Crevo.jp. I illustrated and animated everything in AnimeStudio and After Effects! You can watch the final video here https://vimeo.com/114918865

Little illustration of an explorer girl :)

Illustration made for the local contest "Santiago en 100 palabras" (Santiago in 100 words), that consisted of making an illustration of one of the previous years winning stories. It wasn't a winner but it was fun to make!

The story to illustrate was the following:

"Por poco" by Pedro Vallete:

"A woman looked at me through a shop windows in a mall. And well, in her eyes I saw myself with 3 kids, a dog in the yard, the fear of lossing the job, the infinite loans, and some endless sunday afternoon lazy days in her parent's house. I felt the weight of the same mornings, the same afternoons,

Wrestler monsters!

Personal illustration, as a gift for my boyfriend! The idea was to emulate an instagram like photo