"When I’m Scared…" – 2D Animated short film

“When a young rabbit goes to his first job interview, he can’t help but feel completly scared. What will he do to get over it?”

I made this short film as a personal project, it was supposed to be something simple I could finish in a month or two but in the end it took a lot longer to finish! I wanted to make a new short film with a simple story to focus on art and animation and around that time I came across Ze Frank’s song, and it inspired me to do something with it :)

You can see some stills, and also the initial colorscript I made to pin down the feel of what the short film would be.

You can buy Ze Frank’s song over here zefrank.bandcamp.com/track/scared !


Animation, Story and art: Fernanda Frick FernandaFrick.com
Compositing, post-production and sound: Glenn Lazo glennlazo.blogspot.com/
Song: Ze Frank zefrank.com/

animation, illustration, concept, character design, story, music, video