Frame from short film "Rabbit Stew"

Frame from short film "Rabbit Stew"

Vegan poster designs in the girl's bedroom

Background - Girl's bedroom

Background - Kitchen

Background - Vegan Pizza Palace

Background - PetShop

Background - Street

Rabbit Stew – Short Animated Film

" A vegan girl will do anything she can to be true to her lifestyle when she realizes that her mother is making rabbit stew for lunch."

My university helped me by having some of the profesional animators at their studio animate some of the secuences I didn’t had time to make and also they where responsible of the sound production.

The short was animated directly on TVPaint, except for the scenes that where animated by the additional animators, that where on paper, and I had to scan them and clean them up. Backgrounds where made on Photshop and compositing in After Effects and Premier.

The music is by Les Gosses de la Rue Go check them out!

Animation, short film